Solving the vehicle routing problem by considering customer satisfaction and reducing energy consumption with the honey bee algorithm.

This article presents the vehicle routing problem model in order to increase customer satisfaction, reduce energy and fuel consumption, and reduce distribution costs. Statistics show that the cost of fuel includes a significant part of the cost of transportation. Considering environmental factors not only affects the economic costs, but also affects the choice of transport routes and how to distribute the load among the transport fleet. Also, this model reduces the cost of early and late delivery time by minimizing the total of these times. The vehicle routing problem under investigation is a type of NP-hard problem, therefore, in order to solve this proposed model, the Bee Algorithm (BA) is used, and to show the efficiency of the designed algorithm, the obtained answers will be compared with Gems software. Also, in order to solve large-scale problems, the results are compared and analyzed with the solutions obtained from the particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm. The results show the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm in solving problems.

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Published on: July 22, 2023

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